Nonox® Equipment

Nonox® has been in the business of supplying SCR solutions across Australia for longer than anyone else. The experience that this has brought to the NONOX® team is reflected in the equipment that we choose to use and recommend.





Nonox® Bulk Tanks


The tanks we install have been specifically designed for the storage and dispensing of SCR urea solutions. They incorporate all the features that have been shown to be important in real world operating conditions.


Our bulk storage & dispensing tanks have the following features:


  • Self-bunded with lockable equipment cabinet

  • Overfill protection

  • GSM remote product monitoring

  • All wetted areas made from compatible materials

  • Thermally insulated

  • Tank guaranteed for 10 years


    You can certainly get a cheaper tank, but we believe this imposes an unacceptably high level of risk on your business – in our opinion, it’s just not worth it.


    NONOX® Pumps, Sensors and Hoses


    All the equipment we supply is made from compatible materials and is fit for purpose. Cheaper equipment is available in the marketplace but if you use equipment produced from incompatible materials then you run the very real risk of contamination and substantial damage to your valuable vehicle.

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