1. What is NONOX® SCR Urea?

2. What are ADR 80/02 (Euro IV) and ADR 80/03 (Euro V) standards?

3. What is SCR technology?

4. What is NONOX® ?

5. Where can I find NONOX® ?

6. What advantages does NONOX® offer?

7. How much does SCR technology cost?

8. How much SCR will I need?

9. Is there any difference between agricultural grade urea and SCR urea?




What is NONOX® SCR Urea?
NONOX® SCR urea is a non-toxic aqueous urea solution used to chemically reduce NOx-emission from heavy-duty diesel powered vehicles. NONOX® is not a dangerous good. NONOX® is classified in the minimum-risk category of transportable fluids. NONOX® is guaranteed to meet the ISO 22241-1 standard and complies with ISO and CEFIC regulations to safeguard the correct functioning of your vehicle's SCR system.

What are ADR 80/02 (Euro IV) and ADR 80/03 (Euro V) standards?

ADR 80/02 and ADR 80/03 are standards adopted by the Australian Government, to control emission of pollutants from heavy-duty vehicles. NOx, particulate matter (PM), hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) are the components regulated. ADR 80/02 was introduced for all new trucks and buses from 1 January 2008. ADR 80/03 was introduced for all new trucks and buses from 1 January 2011.

Emission limits for NOx is 3.5 g/kWh under ADR 80/02 and 2.0 g/kWh under ADR 80/03.

What is SCR technology?
SCR stands for Selective Catalytic Reduction which indicates that only NOx and no other oxidised species (thus selectively) is chemically reduced to elemental nitrogen and water by using a catalyst. Most European & US heavy-duty vehicles manufacturers have decided to use this technology to meet the new emission legislation.

The main components of the SCR system are the SCR catalyst, the injection unit, the tank and the dosing control unit. The harmful NOx molecules in the exhaust are converted to harmless elemental nitrogen and water. This happens when NOx reacts inside the catalyst with the ammonia. Coming from the tank, the substance is injected into the exhaust pipe upstream of the catalyst where its urea molecules react with heat and water to form the ammonia needed.

What is NONOX®?
NONOX® is the Australian Solution. NONOX® represents a comprehensive product supply, support and distribution solution for vehicles incorporating SCR technology. NONOX® is produced in Australia in accordance with the DIN 70070 and ISO 22241 specifications.

Where can I find NONOX®?

NONOX® is currently available in major cities and transport hubs across the country. In addition, NONOX® is supporting the testing programs of all vehicle manufacturers introducing the SCR technology with product availability as required.

We are also rolling out our distribution network through truck stops, home depots, vehicle service centers, etc. A wide variety of delivery options are offered like IBCs (intermediate bulk containers, 1000 litres), permanent mini-bulk units (several cubic meters) and easy to handle canisters. We can also supply NONOX® in bulk by tank trucks directly to large customers. On customer demand, we will offer tank level monitoring using telemetry, technical services, operation training and flexible financing arrangements.

What advantages does NONOX® offer?
NONOX® offers SCR supply from an Australian owned and based company. Our complete supply solution reduces your risk, saves you money and is convenient.

How much does SCR technology cost?
The price of SCR may vary according to quantities delivered, but it is estimated to be less than the price of diesel per litre. Reduced fuel consumption of SCR equipped vehicles is also expected to make this technology an attractive solution in an industry where fuel is a very significant portion of operating costs.

How much SCR will I need?
Average SCR consumption is about 4-5% by volume of diesel consumption for ADR 80/02 and about 5-6% for ADR 80/03.

Is there any difference between agricultural grade urea and SCR urea?

Yes there is – SCR urea is a high purity chemical grade product that is made in accordance to an ISO standard. If you purchase urea for your vehicle that doesn’t meet these strict production standards then you are putting your vehicle at risk and could be doing enormous damage. It is not worth the risk to save a few cents per litre on an inferior product.

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