What is Nonox SCR urea?


Nonox SCR urea is aqueous urea solution used in SCR systems on diesel vehicles. Nonox SCR Urea complies with ISO 22241-1 and DIN 70070 standards.


What is DEF?


DEF stands for Diesel Exhaust Fluid and is another name for SCR Urea solution.


Is there any difference between AdBlue®, DEF and Nonox SCR Urea?


The chemical composition and the standards that are imposed on the production and handling of these products are exactly the same.


Why would I prefer to buy Nonox SCR urea over AdBlue®?


Nonox SCR urea is provided to customers as part of a comprehensive and complete supply solution. If you buy AdBlue® then it should comply with the relevant product standards but if you buy Nonox SCR urea you not only get compliant product you also get access to substantial market experience, you know your product will be delivered in a dedicated tanker and it will be stored in an appropriate storage & dispensing arrangement buying Nonox SCR urea means so much more than just buying AdBlue®.


Is AdBlue® any better than the alternatives?


The important thing for any operator of an SCR vehicle is whether the product complies with the relevant standard not whether it carries an overseas trademark. AdBlue® complies with the relevant standard. Nonox SCR urea also complies with the relevant standard. The two products are interchangeable. The Nonox value proposition is so much more than just the product.


Are there instances where I can use AdBlue® but cannot use Nonox SCR urea?


Nonox SCR urea is compatible in all instances where an operator would use AdBlue® or DEF.




Nonox SCR Urea



Complies with ISO 22241-1

Complies with DIN 70070

Will work in your SCR equipped vehicle

Delivered in a dedicated tanker



Part of a complete supply solution?



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